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Need extra help with the yard, moving furniture, event cleanup, painting, or other odd jobs? UO’s Rowing Team is here to help! We take many kinds of jobs during fall, winter, and spring.

One rower costs $20 an hour (minimum of 2 rowers per job), with a minimum of 2 hours per job (which is an $80 minimum cost per job). All rent-a-rower costs are donated directly to our team and help fund our equipment, race fees, travel costs, and coaching.

Fill out the form below to request rowers for a job you have. After filling out the form, expect to receive an email from the team with more information. Please note that our team's availability depends on our race schedule, practice times, and other events we host (we will inform you via email whether or not your request can be fulfilled). For the best chance of our team being available, we recommend requesting jobs during Saturday afternoon or any time on Sunday. Please note that we do not provide our own equipment (mowers, rakes, leaf blowers, etc.) If you have any questions, please email

UO Rowing Rent-A-Rower Job Request Form

Fill out this form to request rowers for your job.

How did you originally hear about Rent-A-Rower?

Thank you for submitting a request. We will reach out to you soon with more information via email.

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