Maxwell Davis

Year: Junior

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Major: Human Physiology

Career Goal: Pediatrician

Previous Sports: Basketball, Rowing, and Soccer

Favorite Rowing Moment: Getting 3rd at ACRAs

(His mom cried)

Campus Involvement: Delta Tau Delta, Pre-Med Club

Hobbies: Hiking, Science, Reading, and learning languages

Sherman Tran

Year: Junior

Hometown: Portland, OR

Major: Biochemesrty

Career Goal: CDC Epidemiologist

Previous Sports: Lacrosse, Cross Country, and Track

Favorite Rowing Moment: Qualifying and Racing at ACRAs with his team

Campus Involvement: Honors College, UO SRC member services,Delta Tau Delta

Hobbies: Photography, Hiking, Mountaineering, Graphic Design, Music

Crawford Campbell

Year: Junior

Hometown: Grand Lake, CO

Major: Buisness Pre-Law

Career Goal: Corporate Law

Previous Sports: Baseball, Tennis

Favorite Rowing Moment: MLWN4+ at ACRA's 2015

Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Law Club VP, First Year Programs

Skills: Bad Puns, Snowboarding, Beard Growing

Jordan Sadler

Year: Senior

Hometown: Kailua, HI

Major: Cinema Studies

Career Goal: Cinematographer/ Director

Previous Sports: Fencing, Sailing, Outrigger Canoe

Favorite Rowing Moment: Medaling at PAC-12 Championship Regatta 2016

Campus Involvement: Hawaii Club, RunGum Sales Rep., Campus Cleanup Volunteer

Hobbies: Videography, Photography, Cooking, Driving

Peter Blink

Year: Senior

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Major: Human Physiology

Career Goal: Optometrist

Previous Sports: Volleyball and Track

Favorite Rowing Moment: Last race at ACRA's 2016

Campus Involvement: SAA, Pit Crew

Hobbies: Driving, Sports, Cooking

Eli Gruenberg

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Major: Business

Career Goal: Entrepreneur

Previous Sports: Soccer

Favorite Rowing Moment: Competing against OSU

Hobbies: Soccer and Making Music

Tommy Supple

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Valencia, CA

Major: Human Physiology

Career Goal: Physical Therapist

Previous Sports: Soccer

Favorite Rowing Moment: Taking Second at The Covered Bridge Regatta 2016

Campus Involvement: Marching Band 

Skills: Soccer and Fishing

Emanuel Purice

Year: Senior

Hometown: Portland, OR

Major: Marketing & Advertising

Career Goal: Brand Director

Previous Sports: Track and Field

Favorite Rowing Moment: Every moment

Campus Involvement: Finance & Coporate Relations (AKPsi), Club Sports Advisor and Business School Tutor

Hobbies: Cooking, Photography, Listening to Music

Hiking and Fashion

Scott Seymour

Year: Senior

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Major: General Social Science & Business

Career Goal: Real Estate Business Owner

Previous Sports: Basketball

Favorite Rowing Moment: Watching the sunrises

Campus Involvement: Student Veteran Center

Hobbies:Camping, Hiking, and Disc Golf

Logan Fannin

Year: Junior

Hometown: Pebble Beach, CA

Major: Human Physiology

Career Goal: Physician's Assistant

Previous Sports: Water polo, Basketball and Swimming

Favorite Rowing Moment: SIlver in the MN4+ at the Covered Bridge Regatta

Campus Involvement: DUX Bistro, Water Polo

Hobbies: Reading, Sports, and Hiking

Spencer Sallander

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Danville, CA

Major: Jounalism and Anthropology

Career Goal: Lawyer

Previous Sports: Football, Track and Field

Favorite Rowing Moment: 4am Bus rides

Hobbies: Shooting, Cars, Watching Movies

Austin Ferrie

Year: Junior

Hometown: Lake Oswego, OR

Major: Physics & English

Career Goal: Lawyer

Previous Sport: Soccer and Basketball

Favorite Rowing Moment: MN8+ at ACRAs

Campus Involvement: Mock Trial

Hobbies: Playing Guitar

Picture Coming Soon

Austin Robison

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Bend, OR

Major: Computer and Information Science

Career Goal: Software Engineer

Previous Sports: Football, Wrestling, Track and Bowling

Favorite Rowing Moment: Spring training 2016

Hobbies: Web Design, Photography, and Puzzles

Noah Andrews

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Kahalui, HI

Major: Undeclared

Career Goal: Sports Psychologist 

Previous Sport: Football and Tennis

Favorite Rowing Moment: Walking on UC Davis at ACRAs

Campus Involvement: Oregon Marching Band

Hobbies: Video Games and Computers

Gabriel Mager

Year: Junior

Hometown: Davis, CA

Major: Geology

Career Goal: Volcanologist

Previous Sports: Soccer and Lacrosse

Favorite Rowing Moment: Beating OSU at the first ever Civil War Regatta

Campus Involvement: Founding Father and Treasurer of Alpha Sigma Phi

Hobbies: Playing Drums

Andrew Rockwell

Year: Senior

Hometown: Lake Oswego, OR

Major: Entrepreneurship

Career Goal: Own and operate a company 

Previous Sport: Basketball

Favorite Rowing Moment: Beating UC Davis at ACRAs

Campus Involvement: Joe's Burgers

Skills: Being punctual