Varsity Women

Hannah Abers

Year: Sophomore 

Hometown: Hillsboro OR 

Major: Psychology 

Career Goal: Criminal justice-prosecutor, then judge 

Previous Sports: Swimming for 12 years 

Hobbies: Surfing, Photography, Hiking, Painting 

Favorite memory from rowing: Practice

scrimmage my freshman year

Sally Clark

Year: Junior

Hometown: Klamath Falls, OR

Major: Music Composition and Human Physiology

Career Goal: Writing music for films and television

Previous Sports: Taekwondo, Cross Country

Hobbies: Video games, cooking, board games

Favorite memory from rowing: As we ended last season, the moments we could get all 8 to row and start to feel the swing we’re the best moments I’ve experienced on the water.

Jenna Comstock

Year: Junior

Hometown: Santa Barabara, CA

Major: English

Career Goal: Reviewing concerts and restaurants, teaching creative writing 

Previous Sports: Ballet

Hobbies: Painting, skiing, and going for long drives

Favorite memory from rowing: Watching coach Zach do a 1k at the end of winter term

Madison Fung

Year: 3rd year (graduating this year)

Hometown: Ashland, OR

Major: Spatial Data Science/Geography

Career Goal: Working at a fancy company/or government working on mapping projects that looks at wildfires and the environment

Hobbies: horse riding, sound engineering, and graphic design. 

Favorite memory from rowing: honestly, the hikes have been my favorite part of rowing. Early mornings seeing the sunrise at dexter. Plus the community is great.

Fun fact: I am on the student council board for the American Society for Remote Sensing and I am a triplet! Me and my two brothers never went to the same school since high school. 

Sara Koff

Year: Senior 

Hometown: Long Island, New York 

Major: Environmental Geoscience 

Career Goal: Park ranger 

Previous Sports: Does getting cut from my HS badminton team count? 

Hobbies: Baking/cooking 

Favorite memory from rowing: No specific memory, just any nice day on the water

Emily Kraschel

Year: Junior

Hometown: Salem, OR

Major: Economics & Global studies, minor in Math

Career Goal: Economic development policy analyst

Previous Sports: Track, powerlifting, jiu jitsu

Hobbies: baking

Favorite memory from rowing: Jamming out with the women’s team on the ride back after WIRA ‘19

Teagan Putte

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Las Vegas

Major: Human Physiology 

Career Goals: Orthopedic Surgery or Athletic Training

Previous Sports: Gymnastics 

Hobbies: Watching hockey games

Fav memory: First time being out in a boat

Annika Stolberg

Year: Junior 

Hometown: Tigard, oregon 

Major: Psychology 

Career: Psychology teacher 

Previous Sports: Lacrosse, marching band, basketball 

Hobbies: Reading, board games, camping 

Favorite rowing memory: The dexter lake key sacrifice ritual before spring break training

Kendall Thornbugh

Year: Sophomore 
Hometown: Lake Oswego, OR
Major: Human physiology 
Career Goal: Healthcare 
Previous Sports: Basketball, soccer, track and field, horseback riding 
Hobbies: Traveling and cooking
Favorite memory from rowing: Virtual duel meet with Washington state in winter 2020

Gabrielle Tor

Year: Senior

Hometown: Aloha, OR

Major: Psychology

Career Goal: Behavioral therapy or developmental psychology 

Previous Sports: Marching Band

Hobbies: Hiking, painting, seeing national parks! 

Favorite rowing memory: crossing the finish line at nationals for the first time novice year! My boat was so proud of that!